Arizona Date Co.

Introducing Arizona Date Co., where Medjool dates have been our family's
pride for decades. Since 1970 our family has farmed Medjools in the desert
Southwest, embracing organic methods since 1985. Every date you taste is a
result of our hands-on approach in every step of the growing process.

Dive into our world, discover our process, and savor the natural sweetness
we've been nurturing for years. With Arizona Date Co., you're not just tasting
a date; you're experiencing a piece of our family's legacy.

Why Medjool Dates?

Why Medjool dates? Often referred to as the 'King of Dates,' they're a
delightful blend of natural sweetness and robust nutrition. Every bite offers
essential minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, making them a wholesome
alternative to processed treats.

But there's more to these dates than meets the eye. Medjool date palms,
resilient in the face of desert challenges, have been a symbol of endurance and
sustenance for ages. Their fruits have nourished generations, standing the test
of time.

So, when you savor our handpicked Medjool dates, you're not just enjoying a
treat; you're partaking in a legacy. Dive into the rich flavor, embrace their
storied past, and relish the health benefits they bring.

Check out the ways we like to enjoy our dates!