The Classic Date Shake

Get Ready for the Classic Date Shake!
Ever had a craving for something naturally sweet and oh-so-delicious? If you haven’t already, meet the classic Date Shake, featuring the renowned Medjool dates! These shakes have been a delightful treat for ages, serving as a tasty introduction to the fabulous world of dates.
We’re all about growing organic Medjool dates that are packed with flavor, bringing you the freshest and juiciest picks straight from our local farms. Our dates are a delightful and wholesome fruit, offering a natural sweetness that's just unparalleled!
We all know there’s a plethora of ways to whip up a refreshing Date Shake, but we’re thrilled to share our favorite concoction. This recipe emphasizes the rich, sweet flavor of our carefully nurtured, organic Medjool dates, and we're pretty sure it'll become your favorite sweet escape, especially during those warm Arizona days!
Whether you want to buy Medjool dates online or are interested in exploring the different types of dates, we’ve got your cravings covered. Let’s get blending and indulge in a shake that truly showcases the unbeatable sweetness and top-notch quality of our produce!



Step 1: Soaking the Dates Kick things off by soaking the fresh Medjool dates in milk for about 10 minutes. It softens them up for a smoother blend.

Step 2: Time to Blend! Transfer your soaked dates and milk to a blender, and blend until it reaches a somewhat smooth consistency, small chunks are a bonus!

Step 3: All about Flavor! Now, add in the vanilla ice cream and your choice of spice to the mix. It’s these additions that give your shake its creamy texture and soothing, warm flavor.

Step 4: Final Blend Blend all the goodness together until you achieve a smooth, creamy mixture. Everything should be well-mixed.

Step 5: Serve it Up! Pour your classic Date Shake into a glass and enjoy immediately! A sprinkle more of spice on top never hurts. It’s the perfect cool, creamy treat whenever the mood strikes!


Indulge in the sweet and natural goodness of organic Medjool dates from Arizona Date Company with every sip of this divine shake. It’s a refreshing way to enjoy the healthy sweetness and premium quality of our dates, delivering you a taste of the sun-soaked vibes of Arizona! Whether it’s your everyday dessert or your first time trying, this shake is sure to make your taste buds dance with joy. Happy blending, friends!


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